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Understanding Insurance


any entity that is tangible or intangible that can be insured


a request that is formally filed to the insurance company by the policy holders or the survivors of the policy holder to enact coverage benefits and/or provisions of their insurance policy

Comprehensive Insurance

a kind of insurance policy that provides a wide coverage when it comes to protection


generally refers to the extent that the insurance policy is protecting or the assets, beneficiaries, licenses and entities that are insured in the policy


this is the amount that the policy holder pays before the benefits of the insurance policy can be taken advantage of.

Insurance Carrier

the company which supports the insurance policy that the holder is enrolled into

Policy Holder

the person who owns the insurance policy; a term usually used to refer to the insured person or the person(s) enrolled into the insurance policy

Policy Renewal

this refers to the continuation of an insurance policy by paying another premium that will be make the insurance policy operative for another period


this is the amount the policy holder periodically pays for an insurance policy.

Risk Management

the identification of exposure to risks and the analysis of the best way to handle such risks through insurance, safe keeping of assets, etc.

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